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Our aim is to win by providing quality products and services worldwide. 


Customer satisfaction and commitment to quality as well as holding a price line is the twin passion at Al Ain International.

We re focusing to win customer confidence through continuous improvement, which enhances our productivity and performance and that's why we established worldwide position in Surgical Instruments by emphasizing more and more on customer satisfaction and relationship.

Today, Al Ain International is fully equipped to manufacture wide range of high quality instruments according to the International Standards. 

Farhan Ch.


Al Ain International Instruments has insisted on using the time proven technique of producing each instrument by hand, with the highest quality metals and materials. The result is that even the most basic of instruments distinguish themselves and adhere to the strictest of functionality requirements.

Al Ain International has been dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the products they need to perform their art since a long. Our high quality, precision crafted instruments have been an essential product line to our worthy customers. We carry an exclusive rage of


Surgical Instruments

We are committed to providing a product line that guarantees quality and extraordinary value to the end user as well as a level of service, satisfaction, and cooperation that has become a hallmark of Al Ain International We have gained a reputation for offering unbeatable prices on branded items as well as outstanding customer service on all levels. Every single instrument is manufactured with great care. We are working hard for maintaining higher standard. Advanced techniques are used in manufacturing and finishing departments in order to made best products.

We assure you

> quality instruments,

> most competitive prices

> shortest delivery time 


Al Ain International is offering you huge selection of our products and much more for a fast growing number of customers. We have built a solid reputation as reliable, efficient and dependable business, offering our clients enormous variety of products. As we offer a truly unique range of branded items at unbeatable prices, our services are unsurpassed by other players who can simply not compete with us. We make it easy for you to browse our products, place orders and benefit from our quality services. 
Al Ain International like the Apical Retention Forceps, Periotomes and Proximators are testaments to our continuous innovation, research and development of new and effective instruments, highlighting our ability to listen and meet the current demands of our customers.
We guarantee the investment you make in a Al Ain International instruments will be acknowledged the moment you feel the confidence and precision that our instruments provide.

Due to Al Ain International experience and firsthand knowledge of the customer, he formed a commitment to which he signed his name.

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